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Testimonials from Conferees

“This was my first full week and it exceeded my expectations. I came home relaxed and renewed and my heart full! ”


“As a new person, I found everyone very friendly and welcoming. The workshops and activities were fun and the island is uniquely beautiful and interesting. I appreciate the easygoing, playful, all-inclusive atmosphere where everyone is allowed to participate or not, as much as they wish. ”


“I learned more about photography in one week than in other beginner classes over a semester! He was not only a superior teacher, he was also patient, endlessly kind and supportive.”


“…Arts Week at Star is my favorite week out of the whole year, even better than some family reunions because I don't have to cook. ”


“All of the exercise activities were great -- Tai Chi, Stretch, Yoga -- keep having them!”


“I really enjoyed my time on Star Island! The people are so welcoming, kind and generous. It was great being surrounded by beauty and beautiful people.”


Important information about the 2018 Conference

The boat leaves the Portsmouth dock at **2:25** on June 16. Plan to check in at the dock between 11:00 and 1:00.

The attached document provides you with (almost) everything you need to know about the Star Arts Conference -- what to pack, how to get to the dock and more.

Read and download this important document: 2018 Star Arts Information Page

We are counting down the hours until Saturday the 23rd, but there still is time to register!

Welcome to the Star Arts Conference June 16 - 23, 2018

Star Arts is a week-long creative arts conference set on beautiful Star Island, ten miles off the coast of New Hampshire. Whether you are a beginner or professional, an active participant or interested observer, Arts offers a chance to express your artistry and celebrate your uniqueness in a breathtaking and supportive environment.

Join us. Make new friends. Discover hidden talents. Create a masterpiece or just enjoy the extraordinary beauty of this magical island. Star Arts offers an unforgettable opportunity to experience creativity, a sense of community and individual spirituality.

Once you visit... YOU WILL COME BACK!